Data-Driven Biotechnology – Bench, Bioreactor and Bedside (Copenhagen)

Data-Driven Biotechnology – Bench, Bioreactor and Bedside (Copenhagen)

Event Date: 7 May 2017

Copenhagen Bioecience

Today’s research and development environment is becoming increasingly data intensive. Reaping full benefits of the revolution in data generation will require translating big data to knowledge in basic research and applications.

This meeting will bring together world leading researchers in using data and computational models to address challenges in translational biotechnology applications. The meeting will cover 1) development of concepts and methods to deal with the big data challenge, 2) applications of data-driven strategies in industrial biotechnology, and 3) uses of models and data in human health-related biotechnology. Specific topics covered include genome-scale models, new omics technologies, cellular metabolism and its regulation, engineering of microbial and mammalian cell factories, microbial pathogens and communities, and omics data and models in human disease.

The meeting is targeted towards anyone interested in interdisciplinary bioscience research and in particular uses of data to advance biotechnology applications.

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