1st Annual Benelux Precision Medicine Forum (Utrecht)

1st Annual Benelux Precision Medicine Forum (Utrecht)

Event Date: 12 June 2018

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As such it is little surprise that the precision medicine revolution is creating such a buzz; disruptive technology, a strong economic setting and decades of social and health data collection are coming together to create the perfect storm for the future of healthcare in the region.

It is widely accepted that for the promise of precision medicine to become a reality we must work together; sharing data and research via a multi-disciplinary approach as well as cross border collaboration.

Benelux Precision Medicine Forum will bring together those at the very forefront of precision medicine from biologists, physicians and technology developers to data scientists, patient groups, governments and more. We will cover a whole plethora of topics uncovering what the most pressing issues are.

Benelux Precision Medicine Forum

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