Webinar: Digitalization of Pathology

Webinar: Digitalization of Pathology

Event Date: 31 January 2019

InnovatioCuris foundation of healthcare & excellence (ICFHE) is proud to announce the first of a knowledge series of webinars with ScanBalt and Tartu Biotechnology Park.

Time: 17:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs  (IST) / 12:30 hrs to 1:30 hrs (CET)


Dr Ravi Gaur

Dr Ravi Gaur, MD Pathology, is qualified Onco pathologist by profession and has 30 years plus experience in the field of Pathology and Health care management. His core competence has always been in Onco Pathology, Immunology and evolving technologies.

Dr Gaur is one of the pioneer pathologist who have changed the trend of pathology practice in India by introducing many advanced assays ( molecular, genomics ,sequencing, PCR ,FISH, IHC, Flow cytometry, Nano Tech and near/ POC assays, Elisa & much more ) , algorithms, equipment’s and Integrated ICT (Information, Communications, Technology) systems, POC , Health education, home services , AI in India.

He is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Lab Director of Oncquest Laboratories, the largest Molecular and Surgical Onco-Pathology , general pathology and final diagnosis provider in India. Under his expert guidance and leadership, Oncquest Laboratories has become one of the most reputed laboratories in the country with 36 satellite labs and 1500 plus collection centers across India. Oncquest’s R & D unit has done India proud by developing the latest tests in Molecular Diagnostics which are validated for India specific population and at much lower cost.

He has vast experience in setting up Centres of Excellence for advanced diagnostic technologies including wellness ,preventive health, basic radiology ,health check centres, Multi-speciality polyclinics, IT and Artificial Intelligence driven platforms for healthcare and setting up innovative & customised healthcare solutions. He works in close collaboration with various pharma companies for their patient support programmes and CSR activities. He has set up almost 60 + pathology labs of various size across the country with an expertise of being a clinical solution provider with a profits and value.

Senior member of many expert bodies of the Indian diagnostic industry. And advisor to various healthcare start-ups and digital healthcare platforms and helping them to launch several innovative products, solutions and services.



Med.Dr Lars Lindsköld

Med.Dr Lars Lindsköld, Portfolio manager Swelife, Sweper project – a Swedish national initiative to support the usage of systematic health data in personalized medicine. Senior lecture, Department of Applied Information Technology, Gothenburg University and Regional developer, Healthcare Head Office, Region Västra Götaland. Med. Dr Lindsköld has a long experience of digitalization of Radiology, Pathology and Tele-dermatology.

His research is based on Interoperability with a focus on Semantic Interoperability driven by the profession.  Today working together with the profession to create infrastructure components as Medical Machine Readable Lexicon and synoptic histopathology protocol  that will increase the automatic portability of data from various IT System to better support the journey of the disease that will include actors as the individuals, clinician’s, researcher  and industry.

The need for data increases enormously as many factors each with a marginal influence build the basis for the personalization. (Systematic Health data). In chronic and cancer disorders it is specifically important that the data travel with the patient and to continuously extract structured data in order to continuously feed relevant information to the decision space and faster scale up solutions to benefit the society.


Mikael Wintell

Mikael Wintell has worked with Healthcare, Västra Götalandsregionen since 1989. During the first years at VGR he also worked as an Instructor for United Nations, where his first assignment was to train the Mobile Army Hospital team that Sweden sent to Somalia 1992. In the beginning of 2002 he also co-found IHE and DICOM Consultant Company.

In late 2001 Mikael became manager, department of X-ray technology at Sahlgrenska University   Hospital in Gothenburg, a position he held until 2006 when he became CIO/CTO for the University Hospital. Mikael worked a lot with creating a fundament for regional collaboration within the area of health informatics and this gave him the opportunity in 2008 to start work as the Medical CIO/CTO for the regional health informatic at the department of HSA (Healthcare Governance VGR).

Mikael also teach at Chalmers (eHealth/Msc) and at University of Goteborg (IT within the society/MSc). Mikael started to work with digital pathology in 2006 and in 2012 Mikael became the chair of DICOM working group 26, Digital Pathology. Also doing work for the IHE PaLM group creating an Integration Profile for Digital Pathology Workflow. Mikael is also the chair of HL7 Sweden. Now working with the creation of the Future Health informatic Environment that will be the base platform

of healthcare in VGR.

Outline of the webinar:

  • Introduction to digitization of pathology in Sweden: 10 Minutes by Dr. Lars Lindskold
  • The need of harmonization of semantics and the transformation to machine-readable objects for sharing: 10 Minutes by Dr. Lars Lindskold
  • How standards can support faster scale up solutions to benefit the society as well as the individual: 15 Minutes by Mikael Wintell
  • Contribution towards digitization of pathology in India : 25 minutes by Dr Ravi Gaur
  • Suggested pathway for collaboration between Sweden and India in Pathology/ Discussion

Using the same Machine-readable lexicon for semantic interoperability

Contribution to Synoptic pathology reporting using agreed protocols

Outline of Telepathology (workload balancing)

Outline of Telepathology (Expert network)

Informatic Pathology Connectathon between two continents

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