BSR HIA – Baltic Sea Rregion Health Innovation Award of the National Conference on Health Economy

What is the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award (BSR HIA)?

Under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Manuela Schwesig, there will be awarding a prize for start-up companies – the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award (BSR HIA) – it is set up for the first time.

The aim of the award is to improve the health economy in the Baltic Sea region and to further promote the region. The idea is to enable the development of a product or service concept that benefits patients and attracts potential investors in and for the Baltic Sea Region.

The HIA 2020 is organized in cooperation between BioConValley® GmbH, WITENO GmbH and it’s also spread by the community from the EU-project IRIS.

In the IRIS project, incubators from all countries around the Baltic Sea work together to improve and strengthen their management and support capacity, i.e. to jointly nurture new skills, help create new companies, and to support in opening up new markets.

As a result of this cooperation and the additional announcement in the Baltic Sea region, we have also received international applications and are full of anticipation for the presentation to the jury, which will take place in digital form in June 2020.

As soon as the jury has selected the winners of this competition, we will publish them on the National Conference on Health Economy website, which you can find HERE


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