ScanBalt has been involved with the Circular Bioeconomy working group for some time on topics related to the bioeconomy and its transformation into the circular economy.

In this sense, ScanBalt is also an associated partner in the Bioboosters project – Boosting the Circular Transition (

BioBoosters is a concept developed by companies and organizations from seven European countries. It’s made to strengthen business that benefits the environment. By helping a company make an open call for solutions to their challenges or needs, the aim is to connect them with others with potential solutions. It’s a win-win situation where newer companies, start-ups, innovators, and researchers get the opportunity to collaborate or make business deals with more established companies.

Now, in autumn 2023, the first round of the so-called hackathons will start. Be part of it and apply with a solution to the presented topics, if applicable:


If you have any further questions, please contact: Gudrun Mernitz: ; +49 151 15273020

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