Boosting Baltic FP6

The European project Boosting Baltic, which officially began in June 2004, ended after 32 months in January 2006. Boosting Baltic FP6 aimed at increasing the competences for National Contact Points (NCPs) and their customers regarding programmes of FP6 and related knowledge and intended to advance their area of action by promoting advanced partnerships, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

The project constituted an integrated set of networking, training and coaching measures by working parallel on two target groups: the National Contact Points (NCP) of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and, as a show-case model for sufficient technology transfer, the Life Science research community. Boosting Baltic FP6 was based on the close cooperation of ScanBalt, Steinbeis Technology Transfer, the Swedish EU R&D Council and the local NCPs of the four new member states. Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum cooperated closely with the project coordinator, Steinbeis Technology Transfer Northeast, and introduced its know-how and its knowledge of European project management. In the course of the project 14 workshops with more than 600 participants have been organised.

The competences and contacts of the Baltic countries can be accessed by two databases:
the database Factfile – c gives information on hospitals, institutes and medical research specialisations. The database Factfile – e allows to search for life science study and research institutions across the ScanBalt metaregion.

ScanBalt members: