ScanBalt CompetenceRegion FP6

The project “ScanBalt CompetenceRegion” was started in July 2004 as a “model case to enhance European competitiveness in life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health”. Partners from all Baltic Sea countries were involved in the project in both established bioregions (Medicon Valley Academy, BioTurku, BioCon Valley etc.), the ambitious new member states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and the North-Western part of Russia.

It was the objective of ScanBalt Competenceregion to provide an extensive and structured mapping of the Pan-European ScanBalt Bioregion providing a status and overview with respect to actors, competencies, framework conditions and other relevant factors on a globally comparable basis.

More specifically, the project intended to:

  • Spot globally competitive core competencies and capabilities as well as key challenges in life science, genomics and biotechnology for health,
  • Identify potentials for enhanced cooperation’s between scientists, health care organisations and entrepreneurs within the ScanBalt Bioregion, with a special focus on the new EU members,
  • Identify and motivate potential collaboration partners for joint activities within the framework of existing and future EU-programs and to thus create a platform for the development of
  • transnational clusters according to best-practice,
  • Accelerate the linkage and integration of the new member countries into Europe’s existing science, health care and business communities,
  • Develop joint regional strategies and recommendations as a model case on how to strengthen the competitiveness of a Pan-European metaregion and
  • Last but not least to create identity for ScanBalt BioRegion Project partners

Project Partners:

BioCon Valley (Germany)

BioTurku (Finland)

Center of Technology Transfer, Gdansk University (Poland)

Göteborg University (Sweden)

Institute of Biotechnology (Lithuania)

Institute for Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy
of Medical Sciences (Russia)

Tartu Biotechnology Park (Estonia)

Biomedical Research and Study Centre, University of Latvia (Latvia)

University of Kalmar (Sweden)

ScanBalt Secretariat (Denmark)

Associated Partners:

MedCoast Scandinavia (Norway)

BioTeam South (Denmark)


Oxford Research (Denmark)

Avedas AG (Germany)

ScanBalt members: