BioLab | PPNT Gdynia: More than 250 companies

BioLab | PPNT Gdynia: More than 250 companies

BioLab | PPNT Gdynia is a part of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (PSTP) in Gdynia.

PPNT Gdynia is a hub of business and scientific organizations. On the one hand, it is the seat of park companies, on the other hand, it is a thriving business centre. The mission of the Park is to actively support and create conditions for the development of initiatives and projects based on the high technologies.

Currently, PPNT Gdynia houses over 250 companies, mainly from the ICT, environmental protection, automation, robotics, graphics and industrial design sectors. PPNT Gdynia | BioLab implements research and development projects, educates and offers commercial services.

One of the most important projects realized by PPNT Gdynia | Bio Laboratory for life science sector is InnovaBio Pomerania (IBP). Participation in the IBP project provides students with real-life experience, offering them the opportunity to work on projects directed at real life-science research clients. Besides scientific experience students also acquire team-work, communication, management and problem solving skills.

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