Disior: Next generation digital tools for surgery optimization

Disior: Next generation digital tools for surgery optimization

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Disior creates 3D analysis software for improved diagnosis and treatment planning for fractured bones. Current applications include wrist, ankle, orbital and maxillofacial fractures.

The features include automated measurement, fracture detection, visualization for planning, and strength and durability modelling. Fully operated by surgeons themselves, the software is fit for clinical use: treatment decisions, pre-operative planning and rehabilitation process.


The DISIOR Founders:

Anna-Maria Henell, CEO; M.Sc. in Engineering, experienced leader in new technology commercialization and industrial simulations

Sakari Soini, CTO; M.Sc. in Engineering and creator of Nokia/Microsoft simulation systems

Risto Kontio, Maxillofacial Surgeon, Docent, and Chief Physician at HUS

Gonçalo Barreto, Osteoarthritis and Biomechanics Researcher at University of Helsinki and ETH Zurich. PhD in Orthopedics




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