Lublin Living Lab: Where technology meets healthcare

Lublin Living Lab: Where technology meets healthcare

From diagnosing health issues to training healthcare professionals – specialised technological solutions are a necessity in all areas related to modern medicine. EMBIQ, a tech company that functions within Lublin Living Lab ecosystem (Poland), answers the need for such products by combining the skills of experienced software developers with the knowledge of university researchers.

Lublin constitutes a perfect environment for companies that want to take up bold R&D projects and cooperate with the academic community. Years ago we decided to follow that route and to focus a significant part of our resources on research. Nowadays, we are proud to be a company that has strong experience and a lot of expertise in designing and constructing telemedical solutions – says Tomasz Niedziałek, the CEO of EMBIQ.

Business-science cooperation

On daily basis, the company cooperates with researches from higher education institutions, especially from Lublin University of Technology and from Medical University of Lublin. Widely recognized medical professors as well as acknowledged engineers (who specialise i.a. in electronics and in meterials science) work together with EMBIQ’s software development team on multiple projects.

Software and hardware

We develop various solutions for our Clients: from educational apps designed for medical staff, through applications that help to analyse data and diagnose patients, all the way to constructing and building complete telemedical devices. For example, we are now working on a home EEG device that is meant to help patients with epilepsy – explains Tomasz Niedziałek.

The company has even established a subsidiary (called Teleinfomed) to work also on its own inventions, like a mobile CTG device (a completed project) or a method and an instrument for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease from a single drop of blood (currently on prototype stage).

Ready for new challenges

As a part of the ecosystem of the Lublin Living Lab (Lublin Medicine Cluster in Poland), EMBIQ is open to cooperation with foreign partners. – We already have many clients from other European countries, but we have the potential and willingness to take part in new projects and share our experience  – says Tomasz Niedziałek. – We’re open to both: conducting commissioned projects and partnering in brand new ventures.

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