2004-06-01 Hormos cleared HMRlignanTM through the FDA

2004-06-01 Hormos cleared HMRlignanTM through the FDA

Hormos Medical Corp. has on May 24th obtained new dietary ingredient (NDI) clearance from the FDA to market HMRlignanTM containing dietary supplements in USA.

HMRlignanTM is a plant lignan isolated and purified from a natural source, the spruce tree.
In humans HMRlignanTM serves as a precursor of enterolactone, a mammalian lignan.
Low intake of lignan containing foodstuffs and/or low enterolactone serum levels are in epidemiological studies associated with increased risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. HMRlignanTM is a highly purified lignan product which has been shown to effectively elevate the enterolactone levels at milligram doses already.

HMRlignanTM is an innovation based on a number of inventions by scientists from University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Hormos Medical. It is covered by patents owned by Hormos Medical.

Hormos Medical is currently in negotiations with potential partners for the manufacturing and marketing of HMRlignanTM products. The first products will be in capsule form, and in the future the application range may be broadened to include also selected food products.

Hormos Medical Corp. is a Finnish drug discovery and development company based in Turku. Its main focus is in the development of new drugs for women’s and men’s health market. The most advanced drugs in development are ospemifene for postmenopausal urogenital atrophy and fispemifene for male urinary problems, now entering phase III and II, respectively.
Hormos employs 46 people and had turnover of 1,8 million EUR in 2003.
HMRlignanTM partnering and sales are expected to further strengthen the company’s short term future prospects.

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Risto Lammintausta, CEO

Phone: + 358 40 310 8010
e-mail: risto.lammintausta@ hormos-med.com

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