3rd Baltic Stem Cell Conference, Aug 22-25, Germany

3rd Baltic Stem Cell Conference, Aug 22-25, Germany

The 3rd BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE, which will take place in the beautiful and exceedingly comfortable Kempinski Grand Hotel Heiligendamm.

This year’s conference will have two main focuses: The symposium “Tissue Engineering in Head and Neck Surgery” on Monday is directly supported by the EXPERTISSUES “Network of Excellence”, which aims at developing novel therapeutic strategies for tissue engineering of bone and cartilage using second generation biomimetic scaffolds.  A day long presentation will be followed by an evening reception and dinner allowing partcipants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and foster collaborations.

Wednesday, the workshop “Clinical Cell Therapy for Myocardial Regeneration” will attempt to summarize the current clinical experience in the fast-moving field of cardiovascular cell therapy. Since numerous clinical trials are already on the way, there will certainly be enough substance for discussion. This is not to say that we have overcome the need for basic research, but to give clinicians who try to exploit the potential of regenerative therapy an opportunity to exchange their experience, to determine where they stand, and to reflect on where they want to go.

The joint workshop on Tuesday will address educational, industrial, and legal issues that are relevant for both tissue engineering and cell therapy approaches. Clinicians, scientists, and biotech companies together will work on accelerating the “bench-to-bedside” process to be benefit of our patients

3rd BALTIC STEM CELL CONFERENCE will be held under the auspices of the ScanBalt BioRegion “network of networks”. ScanBalt is funded by the Nordic Innovation Center and the European Commission and promotes the development of a globally competitive meta-bioregion.

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The conference is organised by the University of Lübeck, the Medical University of Poznan and the University of Rostock.

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