“I cannot avoid a sense of optimism for the future of ScanBalt”

“I cannot avoid a sense of optimism for the future of ScanBalt”

Those were the words of Chairman Jaanus Pikani to the General Assembly of the association ScanBalt fmba 27th of September in Vilnius during Life Sciences Baltics 2018. His optimism is based on the fact that:

• ScanBalt has the strongest project portfolio ever – 6 ongoing projects

• The projects deliver exiting results leading towards the Baltic Sea Region as one test and development site for health care products and services

• The number of members is on an upward trend (37)

• ScanBalt Business Club attracts more and more collaborating companies (121)

• The return of investment for the members is beyond 19:1

• The Baltic Sea Region is a global hotspot for biotechnology based innovation according to Scientific American Worldview ranking

Efforts are constantly ongoing to align ScanBalt with the needs of the members. The inputs from a recent stakeholder survey will be followed up with interviews in the autumn.

The aim is to have a renewed strategy in 2019 which will continue and strengthen the focus on commercialization.

There is a need to better connect the match making activities, match making tools and business services in the various projects and by ScanBalt itself into a sustainable business and service model.

Finally: It should not be taken as a given fact that public authorities, research and educational institutions and businesses can collaborate across borders in a macro-region.

A competitive advantage in the Baltic Sea Region is that we CAN.

Let us not underestimate the importance of that.

ScanBalt members: