AeA Report – American Competiveness in Science

AeA Report – American Competiveness in Science

Talented Indian and Chinese-born scientists, who once flocked to the United States to advance their careers, are finding buoyant conditions closer to home – helping to develop their nascent economies. However, this raises some competitive challenges for mature economies like the USA, according to a recent report.

Science and technology (S&T) graduates pouring out of Asian universities no longer immediately turn West for the chance to fast track their careers, and a large percentage of those who did are now returning home to a booming S&T environment, reports the American Electronic Association (AeA). Clearly, this is good news for the region – boosting employment and national accounts – but it also raises the bar in an already competitive sector.

The European Union has built strong S&T ties with both India and China. Under a 2000 scientific co-operation agreement, Chinese researchers have been able to participate in EU Framework Programmes, starting with the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) and continuing in FP6. Funding for projects comes from both the Commission and the Chinese government. In 2002, a similar agreement was signed between India and the EU.

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News Source: Cordis News

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