ArcDia International releases new product line for diagnostics of acute gastroenteritis

ArcDia International releases new product line for diagnostics of acute gastroenteritis

arcdiaArcDia International Oy Ltd. has launched new product line for rapid diagnostics of acute gastroenteritis. ArcDia Group’s mariPOC® test system is known as market leader if rapid diagnostics of respiratory infections in Finland. mariPOC® Gastro test extends the selection of mariPOC® multianalyte tests.

mariPOC® Gastro test recognizes five common gastroenteritis pathogens and it is more accurate than traditional tests. Because of its rapidity and ease of use mariPOC® Gastro suits well for emergy units in addition to central laboratory. Rapid result reporting enables better treatment of the patient and prevents spreading of epidemics.

mariPOC® Gastro test is an outcome of productive research co-operation of Finnish research institutes and SHOK program financed by TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and health technology industry.

“The Tekes financed SHOK program has been excellent example of the strength of Finnish high-tech society”, says R&D Director of ArcDia, Dr. Janne Koskinen. “Development of mariPOC® Gastro test was large investment from ArcDia. Without the co-operation with SHOK research consortium we would not have been able to solve the challenges of gastroenteritis diagnostic test development in such a tight schedule.” He continues.

Export of Finnish health technology has grown up lately. ArcDia’s new product line is expected to increase the company’s export business especially outside of Scandinavia where gastro intestinal infections are more common. ArcDia will expand the product portfolio still in future, as it is requirement for successful overseas market penetration.

mariPOC® is an automatic test system designed for rapid testing of acute infectious diseases. It recognizes most significant respiratory tract, pharynx and intestine located pathogens. mariPOC® is a market leader in respiratory tract infections automatized testing. mariPOC® is known about accuracy and efficiency. ArcDia International Oy Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets mariPOC® worldwide. Company was funded 2008 and employs 28 in the head quarter in Turku, Finland.

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