Baltic Sea Initiative 2010 – Conclusions from the 2nd Stakeholder Meeting

Baltic Sea Initiative 2010 – Conclusions from the 2nd Stakeholder Meeting

Baltic Sea Initiative 2010 – Stakeholder meeting in Malmö 24-25th of February on how to boost the EU Lisbon Strategy regionally.

On the 24-25th of February the second stakeholder meeting of the Baltic Sea Initiative 2010 took place in Malmö. Ole Frijs-Madsen, Director of Baltic Development Forum and Lars Eklund, Director  (Competitiveness), VINNOVA lead the meeting. The meeting was co-organised with Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) and its chairman Uno Aldegren, Executive President of Region Skåne.

Baltic Development Forum and VINNOVA, along with a number of key public and private partners, have initiated an in-depth discussion among key stakeholders from business, politics, research, and innovation agencies in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea Initiative will support the EU Lisbon Strategy and should ensure optimal framework conditions for business and citizens to take advantage of the growth potential and innovation forces in the Baltic Sea Region.

The aim is to create a concerted effort from stakeholders from all 11 countries to ensure an appropriate institutional, economic and democratic framework that can position the region and its more than 100 million citizens as a leading global actor and role model of excellence for competitiveness, innovation, education, research development, business strategies and social welfare by 2010.

The first year’s results of the Baltic Sea Initiative 2010 will be presented at the 7th Baltic Development Forum Summit in Stockholm 16-18 October 2005.

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