BDT IdeaBook Workshop: Future Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region

BDT IdeaBook Workshop: Future Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region

Mobility is of the highest priority for the Baltic Sea region ranging from consumer up to global strategic levels. The spectrum of questions, tasks and ideas is correspondingly huge. These are excellent reasons to inspire creative designers to come up with innovative ideas for transportation design

BDT – Baltic Design Transfer, a network for design and business in the Baltic Sea region wants to bring together creative people from design colleges, scientific and business areas to collect material for an IdeaBook workshop in order to envisage scenarios for the final consumer.

The IdeaBook concept has generated positive reactions to a variety of other subjects. New contacts, impulses and ideas for the industry. Should you be interested, you could find out more information and also results from our earlier IdeaBook workshops in internet >

The  IdeaBook Workshop kicks off with a Design Discussion- an international conference with participants especially invited to discuss the topic: „ How will people use transport in 20 years time? Ideas for future mobility – be it via ground, water or air” The experts invited, each a specialist in his/her various field (transportation, automotive, public traffic, railway, maritime, aircraft, political institutions,..) will take part in a brainstorming session to explore the future needs of a mobile society and how this will influence the design of products.

Date:  Friday, 23. September 2005 from 10:30 am to 6pm

Venue:  Conference place at Copenhagen/Denmark (will be announced in the next week)

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News Source: Jens Jaconsen, Baltic Design Transfer

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