BIOINN, cluster development in action, Norway

BIOINN, cluster development in action, Norway

BIOINN, cluster development in action, Norway.

BIOINN, the Norwegian Biotech Cluster Initiative focused on livestock- and plant genetics.

The idea behind the Cluster BIOINN started about 10 years ago. The cluster has leading trades in animal breeding and conversion and in plant breeding. Today these trades, together the biotechnological milieu of Hedmark University College, forms an important national trade-cluster.

The cluster also possesses a Biobank. There is a great demand of this material in many parts of the world, caused by the unique breeding program and livestock’s documented good health and quality secured over more than 20 years.

In the mid 1990´s certain people reflected over the modern biotechnology and its entry, and asked themselves: what can we contribute with in our region? What exists here, and how can we transform our stored competence within traditional agricultural activity towards modern biotechnology? How can we adjust to fast-growing modern technology? What needs to be done?

In 1998 the institution BIOINN was founded. BIOINN has its origin in the idea that encouraged the significance of the regional competences of the Hamar region. In the ten years that passed this small initiative to bring the trade experts closer together, has lead to a strong professional fellowship, especially on the livestock-side, and this is now transmitting towards the plant breeders. The three largest animal breeding actors has together started 6 new spin offs over the last three years. Applied Biotechnology is today one of the most important professional priority areas in the Hamar-region.

Todays targeted aim on Applied and Industry Focused Biotechnology in the Region of Hamar is anchored both among politicians, the professional market participants and in the agent network. A specific expression of this is the dedicated BioHouse, where Hamar Municipality has been a great contributor of realization.  The BioHouse gathers different milieus of Biotech-related activities under the same roof, – from private industry and trade and the Breeding Organisations, to Hedmark University College. The BioHouse is already in building step 2, which shows high ambitions and increasing activity. A building step 3 is under development.

In 2003 BIOINN joined a cluster development program. This has given the work a better, tighter and even more targeted structure. In the period 2003 – 2006 BIOINN was a main project in the Cluster Development Program ARENA, financed by The Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway and SIVA.

BIOINN has realized different trade projects with main focus on the Biobank and joint competences – encouraging actions within Commercialization and IP.

The Foundation BIOINN was established June 2006. BIOINN is now the cluster facilitator for carrying through different cluster- enhancing cooperation projects between market participants in biotechnology, and it is financed with regional public and private money.

The main focus in BIOINN is Entrepreneurship and Innovation, at the same time as strengthening the position within the main areas of the plant and animal breeding organisations and R&D milieu. The BioHouse has its own Bio incubator to strengthen the capability of new establishments and spinoffs within Applied Biotechnology and AgroBiotechnology.
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Hilde Kristin Westgaard, CEO,  BIOINN,


BIOINN,  Boardmeeting, June 2006

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