Biomark Me!

Biomark Me!

The picture of stakeholders within biomarker commercialization in the Baltic Sea Region is now clearer. This became apparent at the meeting of the BiC project 11th of January in Hamburg, kindly hosted by Life Science Nord and organized by Tartu Biotechnology Park.

“After having identified the stakeholders we are ready to conduct interviews with selected companies, research organizations and clinics among others. The aim is to obtain a stakeholder map providing information on their challenges, needs, interests and barriers” says Valerie Daussin, Northern Denmark Region, project coordinator of BiC.

The project is co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme with € 1.96 million and a total budget of € 2.55 million.

The main objective of BiC is to develop of a platform that provides tools supporting the different phases of a new and improved commercialization process.

The tools will be tested, verified and adjusted in at least 9 pilots. The platform will also help researchers make better-quality biomarker projects, which in turn will be more easily transfered to the industry for commercial use.

According to “Biomarkers market – Global forecast to 2020” the global market for biomarkers is expected to reach 45.5 billion dollars by 2020, health care and R & D being the key drivers.

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