Biomarker Commercialization kick-off 19 October, Tallinn

Biomarker Commercialization kick-off 19 October, Tallinn


After approval by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme Monitoring Committee the project Biomarker Commercialization (BiC) kicks off 19 October in Tallinn.

The day before BiC is being presented to a larger audience at ScanBalt Forum, likewise in Tallinn.

The goal of Biomarker Commercialization is to increase the commercial potential of biomarker discoveries. The project is coordinated by Ideklinikken in Region Northern Denmark, Valerie Daussin Laurent.

On the photo: Valerie Daussin Laurent, Business Developer at Ideklinikken.


Industry involvement

The project consortium intends to involve industry earlier in the development and commercialization process of biomarkers and develop tools providing guidance to research institutions when selecting the most relevant biomarker discoveries and conduct a development plan that meets early requirements from industry.

Together, the partners want to define the downstream pathway from research, validation, development to the market, co-created with industry in order to speed up the process and create successful spinouts.

A BiC platform and the tools will be transnationally available via ScanBalt Business Club beyond the project period.



Valerie Daussin Laurent

Business Developer

+45 97 66 62 97 (Dir)

+45 53 33 83 87 (Mob)




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