Biotech News – Vivoxid and Hormos (Finland)

Biotech News – Vivoxid and Hormos (Finland)

Vivoxid, Finland, has entered into two new callaborative agreements with Swedish companies. Vivoxid, who develop and manufacture products for tissue repair and regeneration, have signed a letter of intent with Entific Medical Systems (Sweden) to exploit Vivoxids surface modification technology in Entific’s bone anchored hearing devices. Read the full press release here.

Vivoxid have also signed a option agreement with Osspol (Sweden) to use the same technology in Osspol’s dental implants.Read the full press release here.

Hormos Medical Corporation (Finland) has announced a merger with US based QuatRx Pharmaceuticals. Under the terms of the transaction, Hormos will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of QuatRx. The merger with Hormos will immediately add two clinical-stage compounds to the QuatRx pipeline. Major investors from Hormos will also make an additional investment in QuatRx as an extension of a recent round of venture financing in QuatRx. Read the full press release here.

News Source: Riikka Erkko, ScanBalt Webeditor, Finland.

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