Biotechnology in Poland – New Business Atlas Published

Biotechnology in Poland – New Business Atlas Published

Biotechnology in Poland – New Business Atlas Published

Co-operations on both sides of the river Oder are facilitated –

To mobilize the potentials of a bio-technology-orientated, German-Polish economic market, BioCon Valley as life science initiative of the Federal State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, today has launched the study “Biotechnology in Poland”. The business directory penned in German and English consists of 32 pages with short profiles of 109 life science firms and 43 research centres of the biotech-scene of the neighbouring country. A digital version can be retrieved in the Internet at

This from triennial work developed study allows an inimitable market transparency for the biotechnology industry and is at the same time an important basic tool for possible economic co-operations between enterprises and research establishments from Germany and Poland. The compiled data are based on publicly available information, current contributions to conferences and data acquired by BioCon Valley within the EU project “ScanBalt Competence Region”.

As a result the study refers among other things to a well developed and applied research at the biotechnology-field as well as a high-quality and economically priced clinical research in Poland. The business atlas is partitioned into the categories “Economic Data Poland”, “Overview of Biotechnology in Poland”, “Pharmaceutical Industry” and “Focal Points of Polish Research and Development”. Additionally the study covers 43 entries of research centers of the Polish Academy of Sciences and universities.

“Internationality is a basic need for companies of the biotechnology- and life-science-business to obtain competitiveness and to maintain it. On the polish market we see extensive potential. Hence, from the business atlas we expect facilitation for our companies concerning possible co-operations”, Dr. Heinrich Cuypers said, Senior Project manager of the BioCon Valley GmbH.

The study “Biotechnology in Poland” has been compiled by support of the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany, and it is an official contribution to the German-Polish Year 2005/2006.

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