BioTurku: Health as a Goal

BioTurku: Health as a Goal

Turku has a strong tradition of life sciences. Nearly half of the turnover of Finnish pharmaceutical industry is generated by companies operating in the Turku region.



The mission of Turku Science Park Ltd is linked to the well-being of enterprises. Innovative, successful and employing enterprises act as the engine of success for the Turku economic region, because expertise, jobs and profit-making companies also generate other benefits to share.

Co-ordinated by Turku Science Park Ltd, the Turku region biotechnology cluster BioTurku® is a national pioneer in its field.

Turku has a strong tradition of life sciences and the nearly one hundred players in the BioTurku® community form a consistent chain from education and research to production. BioTurku’s activities emphasise the promotion of business expertise and internationalisation in particular.

Nearly half of the turnover of Finnish pharmaceutical industry is generated by companies operating in the Turku region. In addition to drug development, Turku has top expertise in diagnostics and biomaterial development.

Important research fields include hormonal diseases, cancer, inflammatory diseases, and diseases of the central nervous system. Auria Biobank is an important part of the continuum of drug development work in Turku.

The samples collected in the biobank can be used for medical research to promote the development of drugs and precision diagnostics. That will create a smooth chain from scientific discovery to a product and e.g. Bayer Pharma AG has started cooperation with Auria.

Bioimaging also represents international top quality. The national PET Centre (positron emission tomography) is located in Turku University Hospital in the Turku Science Park area.

The best known life science brands created or manufactured in Turku include e.g. Bayer’s intrauterine device Mirena, cholesterol lowering food and drink ingredient Benecol, and dental caries preventing Xylitol.

Other products which are less visible in everyday life include Ophena (Hormos Medical/Shionogi) for relieving menopause symptoms, Selincro (Biotie / Lundbeck) for treating alcohol addiction, GenomEra testing system for hospital bacteria (Abacus Diagnostica Ltd), mariPOC quick diagnostic system for respiratory tract infections (ArcDia International Ltd), and BonAlive’s bioactive glass for managing bone defects.

BioTurku® unit is there to help to increase the companies’ business know-how and readiness for international markets, as well as connecting Turku-based expertise with international companies and investors, mainly in partnering events.


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