Book the 27th of August for a day reserved for idea evaluation (Gothenburg)

Book the 27th of August for a day reserved for idea evaluation (Gothenburg)

We all need to understand the value of our early-stage ideas, for the patients and for the society and to understand the critical role that idea evaluations play for economic, environmental and social sustainable development.

On August 27th 2013 we will run a specially designed train the trainers´ one-day seminar on the special methodology and terminology on how to analyze ideas for the future. In the same time analyzing some ideas, you will be provided with the tools necessary, to guide others in their evaluation.

Some of the content will be:

·         freedom to operate,

·         patent landscaping,

·         value visions,

·         scenario analysis and backcasting

·         biomimicry

·         framing the claim

·         verification needs

·         financing alternative

·         process for a document

The seminar is structured around the components of the idea evaluation process with a special emphasis on the issue of sustainable development through realizing new ideas


The seminar is based on the evaluation of more than 140 early stage ideas in different fields of technology. The faculty teaching and available for the seminar has a long practical, academic and international experience in the field.


The cost for a participant will be dependent on the number of participants, (limited to 20) for this seminar. With a full seminar, the cost per participant will be 2200 SEK + VAT, but includes a lunch.

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