Boosting Baltic FP6 Workshop Report – Latvia

Boosting Baltic FP6 Workshop Report – Latvia

The second workshop for researchers “Getting started – Proposal preparation for 6FP” took place in Latvia at the University of Agriculture, 9. July, 2005.

The researchers came from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. The workshop focused on the EUs 6th framework program call for the thematic priority “Food quality and safety. The workshop was practical, with presentations of short case studies followed by concrete and practical EU application preparation in small groups supervised by experienced guides.

The researchers prepared application abstracts and outline of workplans for proposals on following topics:
 Reducing the use of plant protection products
 Feed safety control
 Reduced fertilizer inputs through improved management of soil microbes
 High throughput analysis of plant composition and metabolism

Boosting Baltic Expert Panel members ensured on-the spot evaluation and feedback to the draft applications.

Ms. Olga Muter, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Latvia told about her experience after the workshop. She said: “This is a new and very rewarding way of getting prepared to write EU applications, I feel encouraged to proceed with my new knowledge”.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the National Contact Point  (NCP) of Latvia and was a satellite event of the International conference “Optimizing agricultural output production: Theory and praxis”

“Boosting Baltic FP6” is based on the cooperation of ScanBalt, Steinbeis Transferzentrum, The Swedish EU&RD Council and the National Contact Points in 4 new EU member countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in order to facilitate mutual exchange and learning process for successful participation in EU Sixth Framework programme (FP6) projects for research and technology development.

Project Coordinator:
Frank Graage, Steinbeis Transferzentrum, Germany,

Information prepared by:
Dace Tirzite, Latvian National Contact Point for 6th Framework Programme

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ScanBalt members: