Call for Proposals – ESF Research Networking Programmes

Call for Proposals – ESF Research Networking Programmes

Deadline 30 October 2006

The European Science Foundation (ESF)  Research Networking Programme is a networking activity bringing together nationally funded research activities for four to five years, to address a major scientific issue or a science-driven topic of research infrastructure, at the European level with the aim of advancing the frontiers of science.

Key objectives include:
– creating interdisciplinary fora
– sharing knowledge and expertise
– developing new techniques
– training young scientists.

A successful Programme proposal must show high scientific quality and also demonstrate added value by being carried out at a European level rather than by individual research groups at the national level.

Proposals may be submitted in any or across several of the following broad scientific fields:
Biomedical Sciences
Life, Earth and Environmental
Physical and Engineering Sciences
(also Humanities and Social Sciences)
Science driven issues of Research Infrastructures in any of the above fields

Multi-disciplinary proposals across fields are encouraged.

Proposals with an ‘international’ dimension which intend to interface a European scientific network supported by a new ESF à la carte Programme with a network(s) of scientists in other, non-ESF, countries (e.g. USA, Japan, Canada, Russia) supported by their own agencies are also encouraged.

ESF Research Networking Programme

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