CEAF Project: Agro sector partner search in new member states

CEAF Project: Agro sector partner search in new member states

The CEAF Project “Stimulating participation of Central European Countries in the Agri-Food Sector in FP6” is an FP6 Specific Support Actions (SSA) initiative for Associated Candidate Countries (now New Member States). CEAF involves nine partners from Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and the Netherlands. The Co-ordinator is NCP-Poland.

CEAF serves researchers and entrepreneurs who look for partners and funding in the agro-food sector and specially in horticulture and floriculture. Its aim is to stimulate, encourage and facilitate their participation in FP6. To this end one of the CEAF Partners strategic objectives is to mobilise all efforts toward successful partners matching. The tool is simple a catalogue of Partner Profiles and Partners Search Forms filled-in by suitable organisations from Projects partnering countries who are looking for potential partners and/or consortia from old European Union Member States, Associated Candidate Countries and INCO Countries.

Therefore, the CEAF Website (http://www.kpk.gov.pl/ceaf/) under the “Partner Search” menu provides you with a database of potential partners from Central and Eastern Europe. You can browse through and find your suitable profile. Also, under the CEAF website you will find all necessary information about the Project, its Partners, objectives and events.

News Source: Cordis Rapidus

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