Chalmers Biocenter Event: Conversations in Biotech 25-27 October, Gothenberg, Sweden

Chalmers Biocenter Event: Conversations in Biotech 25-27 October, Gothenberg, Sweden

The 1st annual Life Matters Conversations in Bionanotechnology will take place at Chalmers October 25-27, 2005. The symposium aims at creating a multidisciplinary forum where engineering meets physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Behind this initiative stand Chalmers Biocenter and The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience (MC2) at Chalmers, in a joint effort to put the spotlight on Bionanotechnology and on a future role for Chalmers in this exciting field.

With a two-day program and internationally well renowned speakers, Life Matters Conversations in Bionanotechnology covers a variety of areas. Costas Kiparissides (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUT) & CPERI/CERTH) and Dan Andersson (Bob Langer’s lab, MIT) will speak about Nanobased Approaches for Targeted Drug Delivery, Robert Doubleday (Nanoscience Centre, Cambridge) talks about the Ethical Issues of bionanotechnology, Peter Fromhertz (Max-Planck-Institute) will give a talk on Cell Chip Systems. Jon Cooper (University of Glasgow) will cover Bioelectronics and Abigail Lytton-Jean (Chad Mirkin’s lab, Northwestern University) will talk about Nanoparticles and Nanoparticle-based Biodiagnostics.

The symposium will commence with an introduction and an overview on where Chalmers, Göteborg and Sweden stand today in this field of bionanotechnology research. There will also be two panel discussions where bionanotechnology at Chalmers and in Göteborg, as well as the future of the field of bionanotechnology, will be debated.

The symposium is free of charge but registration is required.

Please register at , no later than October 18

Note that the poster submission deadline has been extended to October 10!

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