Chinese delegation visits Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands

Chinese delegation visits Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands

A three day visit of the Chinese Tianjin Public Health Bureau at the Healthy Ageing Campus, set the foundation for working together on medical innovations. The delegation was represented by seven directors in the areas of innovation, technology, international relations and education. The Chinese Tianjin Public Health Bureau sees great potential in the topic of “Healthy Ageing” and opportunities for cooperation. Both, China and the Netherlands have the intention to put particular attention to this topic and signed a letter of content to underline their common ambition and to build a sustainable relationship to promote the exchange of research, knowledge and innovation.

Semico (Sino-European Medical Innovation and Cooperation) a platform for the connection between China and the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands, organized the program. “A better future through joining hands” set the overall theme for the common ambition for Healthy Ageing. Supported by the UMCG and the City of Groningen, the Chinese delegation was invited to participate in a interesting program, consisting of a tour around the premises of the UMCG including ERIBA and LifeLines, an introduction to the concept and idea behind the Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands and the R&D Hotel and several other projects in relation to Healthy Ageing.

The delegation showed particular interest in the project Organ Assist, which develops medical equipment that improves the procurement and preservation processes of donor organs. To get a better understanding of Organ Assist, the official program was adjusted to visit the facility of this specialist company.

The Healthy Ageing Campus Netherlands combines healthcare, research and entrepreneurship, with a focus on Food & Health, Medical Technology and Pharma. The Campus is a portal between Science and Business centered around the University Medical Center of Groningen. Matchmaking and intermediation are key activities of Business Developers, who aim to secure a financially prosperous future for all of its partners.

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