Circular Materials Conference (Gothenburg)

Circular Materials Conference (Gothenburg)

Event Date: 17 March 2020

Circular Materials Conference is a nordic forum for industrial, scientific and commercial progress in the circular use of materials, that offers unique insight and debate in seminars, face-to-face meetings and networking for international key people, academic and commercial, that wants to be in the industry forefront at a time when we face the challenge of transformation to circular business models for the future of our planet.

The way we use our materials today will define the world we inhabit in the future. On March 17-18 2020 we invite you to reimagine materials with the help of emerging technologies and novel collaborations to create a circular future together.

The 5th Circular Materials Conference will bring together leaders from the industry and academia to explore stunning circular economy solutions, novel business models and visions of a world where no materials are wasted. The particular focus of this year will be at the new partnerships and technologies that can speed up the transition while bringing about a more caring and truly sustainable economy for all.

5th Circular Materials Conference

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