Combining work with passion: Artur Matysik, scientist and photographer

Combining work with passion: Artur Matysik, scientist and photographer

Combining work with passion is always a challenge. Here we present how Artur Matysik,scientist and photographer, found his own way to achieve this goal by running the BiomedPhoto project.

Artur Matysik is a graduate of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland in the field of biotechnology. During his master program he worked for the Hunstman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, USA and the Laboratory Of Confocal Microscopy And Image Analysis at his home university. Last year of his studies he spent at the University Of Chicago, USA, investigating the structure and maturation of the novel GFP-like fluorescent proteins derived from corals.

At the same time, as fascinated with photography he was working as a photo reporter and graphic designer. Many of his works have been featured and awarded at numerous photo contests.

During his work in a scientific environment, he discovered a niche which brought an idea of own business. The niche covers mostly professional photography and design for science-related companies, university units or commercial laboratories. On common photobanks and stocks, search terms like ‘lab’ or ‘science’ return very similar results. Most of photographs show plenty of colourful glass tubes or scientists with safety goggles pouring fuming colourful liquids from one flask to another. Because stock photographers have no clue about science and laboratory work, they multiply these fancy and fake stereotypes about science. Similar situation is observed in graphic studios and advertisement agencies. They produce visually attractive works, but in most situations containing those fake stereotypes, which obviously should not represent serious biotech companies or laboratories.

The idea of BiomedPhoto agency is to present the world of science in an attractive, true and stereotype-free way. This include producing professional advertising photographs, pack shots, or realizing whole design projects like posters, catalogs, video presentations or virtual panoramas.

Projects are approached individually with full awareness and special care about safety of expensive lab equipment or biological samples like cell or plant cultures during photo sessions.
Also photo bank of royalty-free photography will be available soon on BiomedPhoto websites.

Although Artur just started his BiomedPhoto studio, many science-related units already showed interest in its service.

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