Compact (Denmark) providing vital aid to Tsunami relief effort

Compact (Denmark) providing vital aid to Tsunami relief effort

BP-5 Emergency Food Rations, manufactured by Compact are already under distribution to the families and individuals of the TSUNAMI Flood Disaster.  People lost everything and in the days before they can get normal food, cooking utensils and possibility to again come back to a safer situation many of them are now surviving on BP-5 Emergency Food rations.

Compact AS has always been very focused in having preperedness stock of the BP-5 Emergency Ration in key areas where natural disasters can occur. Only hours after the tsunami had created devastation throughout the region Compact was able to release the BP-5 stock located in Surabaya, (City in southern Indonesia, the capital of East Java Province. It is the second largest city in Indonesia, after Jakarta), to the World Food Programme (WFP) based in Indonesia. This enabled WFP to distribute ready to eat food rations to the worst affected areas.

Compact is the leading company within the maritime and humanitarian field producing unique products for  emergency, therapeutical and supplementary use.

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News Source: Berta Villegas, BioMedico Forum

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