A competence analysis of the ScanBalt BioRegion

The EU funded ScanBalt CompetenceRegion project has concluded its first project phase by mapping the ScanBalt BioRegion on key indicators like Human Capital, R&D Input and Biotech Workforce.

In the second project phase a competence analysis which will be combined with a cluster and network analysis will be in focus.

In this context, human, structural and relational capital will be analyzed in detail in order to point out the strengths of the whole ScanBalt BioRegion and to visualize complementary competencies.

A new methodology will be developed to gain an extensive scheme of the individual regions’ potentials and competencies in combination with strategic recommendations.

A Competence Scorecard will show the innovation process in specific fields of the life sciences and biotechnology sector. At the same time, the Scorecard shall act as a tool for controlling and monitoring.

The competence analysis is executed by the subcontracted consultancy Avedas AG.

The results of the analyses will be incorporated into the ScanBalt strategy and published by a report as well as a “ScanBalt companion” , by the beginning of year 2007 when the CompetenceRegion project is finished.

Contact person:
Carren Krüger


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