Cordis Focus Supplement – SMEs ‘ride the wave’

Cordis Focus Supplement – SMEs ‘ride the wave’

CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service, has published a new edition of its supplement aimed specifically at European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) .

Entitled ‘e-Business: Riding the waves of innovation’, it covers technology from research projects offered for the marketplace, EU support services for SMEs, and opportunities for SME participation in EU research projects and programmes. This second SME special issue of the CORDIS focus ‘Technology Opportunities Today’ supplement spotlights e-business tools and applications for SMEs.

At least fifteen per cent of the budget of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) for research and development is to be assigned to SMEs, with a total budget of 1700 million euro available in its various thematic priority areas. The supplement’s hands-on guide to FP6 and profile of the Detect-IT project indicate just how smaller firms can become directly involved.

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