Culminatum Ltd Oy- a new ScanBalt member!

Culminatum Ltd Oy- a new ScanBalt member!

New ScanBalt member !We would like to welcome “Culminatum Ltd Oy ” from Finland ( as a new member of ScanBalt.

Culminatum Ltd Oy is a development company owned by the Uusimaa Regional Council, the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, and the universities, polytechnics, research institutes and business community of Helsinki region.

The main function of Culminatum Ltd Oy is to manage the Centre of Expertise Programme within Helsinki Region over the current third programme period 2007 – 2013. This programme promotes utilisation of the highest international standard of knowledge and expertise in business, job creation and regional development.

Over the years 2007-2013 the Centre of Expertise programme covers nine cluster fields in the Helsinki region:

  • HealthBio – Health cluster,;
  • Nano and Micro Systems and Future Materials,
  • Well-being cluster,
  • Food Processing Development cluster
  • Environmental Technology cluster
  • Digital Content Business
  • Living cluster
  • Tourism and Experience Industry
  • Ubiquitous Computing

HealthBIO cluster in Helsinki region

In Health-realted biotechnology, the key development areas in the Helsinki Region are Molecular medicine, molecular biology, drug discovery and development, diagnostics, functional food and biosystems technologies

Contact person:
Program director Riikka Paasikivi,
Mobile: +358-50-5215944

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