DelSiTech receives EU funding from Horizon 2020 programme

DelSiTech receives EU funding from Horizon 2020 programme

Finnish drug delivery company DelSiTech Ltd announced today that it has been granted a significant research funding by EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020.

DelSiTech Ltd (
), Oct 14th 2015
The funding is a part of a European Horizon 2020 project MOZART which includes both industry and academy partners from eight EU countries.

The project is coordinated by Politechnico di Torino University, Torino, Italy, and the project support received totals more than € 4.6 million.

The concept behind MOZART is to develop a library of inorganic nanomatrices to be used as smart platforms for effective, non-invasive and highly targeted drug therapies.

As proof of concept, MOZART will address nanomatrices to treat delayed bone healing and non-healing chronic skin wounds to achieve a radically improved therapeutic effect.

DelSiTech CEO Dr. Lasse Leino said: “We are proud to be part of the MOZART consortium to develop novel, cutting-edge drug delivery solutions for significant medical needs.

In addition to be able to closely follow the research in the field of new biomaterials in this project, the funding obtained is also a recognition for DelSiTech’s silica-based drug delivery technology and its potential in various therapeutic applications.”

Read full text press release here.

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