EQUAL Project Invites Participation

EQUAL Project Invites Participation

Molecular biology based technologies and Genomic studies have opened new perspectives in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of Clinical Medicine.
Molecular Diagnostics are now available for the Clinical Chemistry and Medical Genetic laboratories but the level of standardisation of these tests in terms of instrumentation, reagents and procedures is, at the moment, lower than the usual Laboratory Medicine tests.

External quality assurance (EQA) programmes for molecular diagnostics have been developed in order to safeguard quality of these assays, but up till now EQA programs addressed to specific DNA/RNA targets remain limited to a few tests.

The Partners of the Project, Coordinators of EQA programmes of molecular diagnostics already implemented at national or international level, propose a panel of EQA programmes on Performance and Interpretation of PCR based assay methods.

These methodological EQA programmes will be available to laboratories performing Molecular Diagnostics on a voluntary basis for monitoring performances of technical procedures common to most of these methods. Specifically developed questionnaires and procedures of data analysis will be implemented for monitoring efficacy and appreciation of these EQA programmes.Diffusion of these EQA programmes to other countries will be supported through international organisms of the area of Laboratory Medicine, such as EC4.

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