Estonia National Researchers Mobility Portal – Now Online!

Estonia National Researchers Mobility Portal – Now Online!

Estonia’s National Researcher’s Mobility Portal is now online and ready to help foreign researchers who wish to work and study in Estonia.
The portal is co-financed by the European Commission and linked to the European Researcher’s Mobility Portal  as one of the National Researcher’s Mobility Portals.

The Researcher’s Mobility Portal has been composed together with the Student’s Mobility Portal to use the resources of a small country as optimally as possible.

The portal consists of five parts:
1. About Estonia, with general information on Estonia;
2. Student Mobility, which contains information about the education system and how to study in Estonia;
3. Practical Training, with information on national and local training
programmes, the practical training part is still under construction;
4. Researcher Mobility, with practical information on grants and
vacancies for foreign researchers coming to Estonia;
5. Higher Education and Research Institutions, which gives an overview of the Estonian higher education and research.

A wide range of practical information topics is being covered at the
Researcher’s Mobility Portal, including residence, work, transport, housing, taxation, health, family and several everyday matters.
Residence and work sections have specified information for EU citizens
Visit the portal here.

News Source: Cordis Rapidus 

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