EU Funds New Project on Signalling Molecules/Disease

EU Funds New Project on Signalling Molecules/Disease

The important signalling molecules that are central to widespread diseases such as cardiovascular disorder, atherosclerosis, dementia and cancer will be studied under a new Integrated Project (IP), funded under the EU’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) .

The EICOSANOX consortium (Eicosanoids and nitric oxide (NO) : mediators of cardiovascular, cerebral and neoplastic diseases) will receive 10.7 million euro over five years to increase knowledge of these molecules and develop novel therapeutics and medical treatments.

The project brings together 14 research groups from six European countries and Canada, and two biotech companies. Each team is specialised in one of the three different enzyme systems and their products: COX, LOX and NOS. The partners will aim to identify new genes involved in the regulation of these three enzymes that can be used to develop new drugs. The project leader is the Karolinski Institute in Sweden.

News Source: Cordis

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