EU showcases successful projects from 2004

EU showcases successful projects from 2004

The European Union spends billions of euros on research covering a huge range of topics, from everyday transport problems to ‘blue-sky’ materials research. All projects successfully evaluated by independent experts and chosen to receive EU funds have proven track records in their respective fields. Many go on to discover novel solutions to today’s pressing challenges. Over the years, the European Commission has showcased a large number of these successful projects.

As with previous series of EU research ‘Success stories’, dating back the 1990s, the general aim of these project write-ups is to promote successful Commission-funded research projects and their exploitable results. The latest batch was published throughout 2004.

The featured projects include ones which have led to the creation or improvement of consumer products, and to changes in business practice or regulation. Others provide the basis for future improvements in safety, productivity, energy supply, environmental protection and health.

Projects included are involved with agro-biotechnology, (such as chicken genetics and potato blight), environment (such as dioxin risk), and medicine (muscular dystrophy studies).

See the full list here.

News Source: Cordis Rapidus

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