EurExcel – European Association of Innovating SMEs

EurExcel – European Association of Innovating SMEs

Established in 2000 to help SME participants in Co‑operative Research projects to improve their partnering activities, EurExcel is currently focusing on ‘enterprise groupings’ as an alternative entry-route to participation in large-scale Integrated Projects for medium-tech SMEs.

An enterprise grouping such as an industry association enables a number of such SMEs to join a large EU research project as a single legal entity. “Individual SMEs are hungry for research, but they often lack capacity to carry it out themselves, and they are understandably frightened about the administrative burden,” Mark Wells, the secretary general, explains. “An enterprise grouping can take care of all the paperwork, allowing the SMEs to concentrate on exploiting opportunities to adapt the project’s technological outputs for applications in other sectors.”

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News Source: Cordis Rapidus

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