European Biotechnology Book 2015: A medical focus

European Biotechnology Book 2015: A medical focus

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HORN International is developing the 2nd edition of ‘European Biotechnology.’  The 2014 edition is available here.

The digital & hardback book will profile several countries, including main bio agencies and organizations, regional structures, IP, pricing & regulatory environments, MAHs, and bio-economy.  Each country will present 20-25 R&D-based companies in editorial format.

The books are given for free to cooperating European and national agencies & organizations, each country’s main bioregions, clusters, academic & research institutes, science parks, and embassies.  The publication will launch in November at BIO-Europe in Munich, as well as BIO-Europe Spring 2016, BIO International, and many others.  Based on demand, first print will increase from 20.000 to 30.000 copies.

Reservations must be made before April 1st, 2015 through Robert Gannon at .


  • The digital book had over 44.000 viewers from 26 countries within two weeks of launching online, and held 18 of the Top 30 HORN-site trafficked sites in 2014.
  • 1500 books were distributed at the publications launch, BIO-Europe Frankfurt in November 2014
  • “European Biotechnology, A Medical Focus’ was for the Belgian life sciences community a piece of reference and high standard even before it was published. The collaboration with HORN Publishing was both constructive and inspiring and the response of the life sciences actors in Belgium to the opportunity to feature in this reference work was indeed overwhelming. It demonstrates the motivation of our actors but also the maturity of the Belgian cluster. The fact that we are anxious for the opportunity to be part of the next edition, is likely the best tribute to this wonderful initiative. The main challenge will be to find a picture to represent Belgium next time. But we will handle that with pleasure.”
    Henk Joos, Managing Director, FlandersBio

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