Are you an Expatriate? Then register at!

Are you an Expatriate? Then register at!

Are you an Expatriate? Then register at !
The Nordic Baltic Expats Forum is the on-line community of life science and biomedicines researchers, students and professionals who have roots in the Nordic-Baltic Region (the Top of Europe) and are currently working or studying abroad. You may visit for further information.

The main purposes of NBEF are:

  • Informing Expatriates of job, funding, career, and partnering opportunities in R&D on Top of Europe.
  • Engaging Expatriates in leveraging opportunities for regional institutions, universities, and companies abroad.
  • Helping Expatriates to share experiences, better practices and to give professional and social support before, during, or after their stay abroad.

To leverage this potential, we encourage you to register

Top of Europe researchers working and studying abroad represent an untapped source of knowledge and experience, a resource that our region could use much more effectively. Through NBEF, community members are updated on regional and home country research policies, and informed about career opportunities as well as opportunities for collaboration. NBEF allows expatriates to become well-connected with their roots at Top of Europe, ensuring that they are recognized as an important resource, whether they remain abroad or choose to return.

NBEF Community Benefits:
      NBEF fosters connectivity, networking, and relationships among bioscience professionals, students, and organisations both at home and abroad
NBEF contributes to brain gain for Top of Europe countries and strengthens their position in the global competition for talent
NBEF facilitates research and development collaboration between Top of Europe scientists and the rest of the world
NBEF enables global outreach for Top of Europe industry and academia
NBEF assists Top of Europe researchers in profiling their expertise through professional benefits, such as speaking engagements, consultancy, external thesis examinations, R&D collaborations, sabbatical leave destinations, and so on
NBEF delivers access to contacts with foreign country experience for new projects and business opportunities
NBEF delivers information about research positions and job opportunities back in Top of Europe
NBEF serves as an information portal for coming and returning researchers, providing practical advice as well as relevant contact organisations, government institutions, and people
NBEF brands Top of Europe as an attractive place to live, work, and invest


[1]  Countries defined as “Top of Europe” are: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, North Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, North Western Russia, and Sweden.

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