Experts on Nano, Bio and Information Technology met in Oulu

Experts on Nano, Bio and Information Technology met in Oulu

Senior Research Engineer, Doctor Vladimir Ermolov from Nokia Research Center sees possibilities in building bio and nanotechnological wireless applications. With these applications the currently scattered health information can be connected and peoples’ health and well-being can be enhanced more efficiently than before.

The newest applications in nano, bio, and information technology are combined in diagnostics concretely in one product. Professor Anthony Turner from Cranfield University in Great Britain presents new kinds of nanobiosensors that facilitate simple and painless blood sugar level testing with one single skin contact as an example.

Cross-scientific research has already advanced to products

At Bayer GmbH material research has already produced practical products. According to Harald Pielartzik, Head of the Nanotechnology Unit, Bayer already produces nanocoverings, -particles and -electronics among others. Of the recent applications the use on nanophosphorus in genetic testing was presented in the event.

Over 120 specialists from bio and technology centers in Finland and Germany took part in the Bio Meet Nano and IT event in Oulu 2.-3.9.2004. Companies, research organizations and students from fields of diagnostics, electronics, bio, nano, mobile and information technology participated in the event. The successful event may receive a continuation in Finland or Germany.

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