Feature: Helsinki Business and Science Park, Finland

Feature: Helsinki Business and Science Park, Finland

Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd. (HBSP) is one of the most recent organisations to join ScanBalt as a founding member. HBSP provides an innovative business environment for knowledge-based businesses by offering an excellent location and various types of high-quality services to companies within their campus network. HBSP operates in two campuses within the City of Helsinki, in Viikki Biocampus and in Meilahti Medical Campus.

Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd. (HBSP) develops, produces and markets a business environment and supporting services to innovations originating from university research, aiming to the creation of new start up companies with the help of the HBSP incubator system, to existing companies, that benefit from the closeness of the university research, to research institutions and to the companies serving all of the above.

HBSP also hosts the The Centre of Expertise of Gene Technology and Molecular Biology  which promotes the creation of new business activities and the development of high-tech products, services, companies, and employment in the field of biotechnology. The centre, in collaboration with other enterprises within the sector, initiates projects intended to improve the business conditions and international competitiveness of biotechnology companies.

News Source: Riikka Paasikiva, HBSP

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