Finnish companies exhibiting at the ScanBalt Business Club booth during the 14th National Conference on Health Economy

Finnish companies exhibiting at the ScanBalt Business Club booth during the 14th National Conference on Health Economy

Business Finland, BioCon Valley, Witeno and ScanBalt Business Club have established a collaboration leading to Finnish companies exhibiting from the ScanBalt Business Club booth at the 14th National Conference on Health Economy “#Health2018 – Brave New World?” in Rostock-Warnemünde 24 – 25 May.

Find below a presentation of the exhibiting Finnish companies.

An introduction to the Digital Health Transformation in Finland will be given in plenary 24th of May by Eero Toivainen, Programme Director, Business Finland, during the session Promoting Health in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Finnish companies will introduce their models, services and solutions Friday 25th of May between 1 to 2 pm.

Abomics Ltd – Genomic Medicine Expertise

Abomics is a leading pioneer company of pharmacogenetics in Europe. We specialize in translating genomics research into clinical practice and provide new approaches to personalized medicine. We leverage the knowledge acquired from human genome in order to increase the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and medication.

Personalized medicine has become a reality, and with genetic information the use of medicine becomes safer and more efficient. Abomics offers comprehensive solutions to healthcare professionals, organizations and consumers. Processing and interpreting genetic test results is highly knowledge-intensive work that requires a highly specialized skill set. Abomics provides solutions to help organizations tackle the challenges of applied genomic. With Abomics GeneRx pharmacogenetic database, Abomics PGx Interpretation Service and Abomics GeneAccount cloud service we are able to offer easily understandable pharmacogenetics services for both physicians and customers on a global scale.

Buddy Healthcare – Mobile care pathways

Buddy Healthcare’s mobile care coordination platform automates and digitizes patient’s care pathways from home to hospital and from hospital to back home.

BuddyCare automates and digitizes pre- and post-operative care pathways. BuddyCare App for patient contains all care related information, instructions, questionnaires, reminders etc. BuddyCare Dashboard for care providers provides real-time visibility over patient preparation and recovery statuses. Through dashboard care providers can send reminders, receive questionnaires and communicate with patient. With BuddyCare HCP`s can reduce amount of phone calls and administrative work, collect PRO´s more efficiently and increase patients care adherence.

Into Seinäjoki – Demo Mobile App for Children’s Holistic Wellbeing

Seinäjoki has become a model city in the fight against childhood obesity, with results that have attracted international attention. The secret behind the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Model is effective teamwork and joint implementation of several small initiatives, aimed at various administrative and operational levels. The Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Model has also been recognized by the World Health Organization.

The model focuses on the holistic wellbeing of children, through increased activity and sports during normal school days, and attention to healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Seinäjoki’s model offers a potential solution to the growing global problem of childhood obesity. We have developed a digital solution to transfer the concept that stems from the Healthy Kids of Seinäjoki Model. This is achieved through a Mobile Application, which offers an extremely scalable tool to reach decision makers, teachers, school nurses, parents and children. It has been developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and can be transferred easily into environments challenged by increasing obesity, or any place aiming to improve children’s wellbeing in general.

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Into Seinäjoki Ltd. is a city owned development company. We help businesses succeed.

Megical – designed to improve the best in healthcare

Megical is the leading platform in Finland to improve clinical pathway safety. We offer intelligent clinical pathway concept including intelligent checklists and three instant reporting systems integrated into one platform. It also includes a realtime dashboard and corrective action module for management.

With Megical automation clinicians provide 1000 times more datapoints with 90% less labor from your clinical pathway. Systematic safety, consistent quality and realtime information what is happening to your patients during their care. With Megical, it takes less than 20 seconds to make an incident or quality report. This is enabled by the location and operation tailored user interface. Reporting is done with an iPad and information is delivered to the cloud immediately.

mfore – an impact enterprise

mfore provides the technology platform and service for healthcare providers, to utilize mobile communication channels to have a continuous dialog with patients and care givers outside the care setting and between encounters. Our offering enables healthcare providers to converse with patients and care givers with relevant information at right times to educate, remind and reinforce the prescribed care and get insights to patients’ progress in the care process.

We partner with our customers to tailor the solution to the specifics of their care process and personalized to patients’ needs. Through customized communication solutions, we power an extended reach to the masses who need relevant and timely information. We help engage populations with accessible, effective and affordable communication methods. Our healthcare solution is based on the known advantages of mobile technology to patient engagement. We have interactive services to cover the whole spectrum of healthcare, from prevention to treatment and care, all in one convenient package.

Onerva Care – When you want to be close to your aging loved one

Onerva is a communication, co-operation and sharing platform for elder care. With it different stakeholders (nurses and care providers, customers, family members, volunteers and non-profits) can communicate in realtime, find and offer care and wellbeing services and co-operate with each other.

Onerva has a digital notebook, kind of “whatsapp for eldercare” and a marketplace where you can find health and wellbeing services. With Onerva instant-messaging service, family members, aging customer and nurses/care provider can communicate with each other in realtime and securely.
This way family members will always know how their aging loved one is doing and if they need extra help. Onerva messaging service is now used all over Finland both public and private sector and it has users in Sweden, Germany and US.

RemoteA – Improving Healthcare

RemoteA is a healthtech company specializing in cardiac data analysis, software services and remote diagnostic services, and is a certified medical device manufacturer. We help patients get to treatment faster, healthcare to use their resources in a better way, and health and wellness operators to give more value to their customers.

SmartECG Service revolutionizes cardiac diagnosis in primary care. The SmartECG service will be a unique and revolutionary solution, an algorithm and service platform with which lomg-term ECG data can be automatically analysed and interpreted. The SmartECG service provides the physician with an automatic ECG analysis report within minutes from uploading the long-term ECG data from an ECG monitoring device to the SmartECG service. The algorithm automatically interprets ECG data, selects the most important results and supports GPs in making the diagnosis and treatment decisions. The service will be compatible with most ECG monitoring devices; in the first version with Holter devices and the piloting will start in January 2019.


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