Finnish Food Companies Merge: Creation of New Service Centre

Finnish Food Companies Merge: Creation of New Service Centre

Life-science-man Ltd., founded in 2002 and Medikalla Group from Kuopio have signed a letter of intent, the purpose of which is to sell FoodFiles Ltd. a subsidiary of Medikalla Group to Life-science-man.  As a consequence of transaction, merger of Life-science-man and FoodFiles represent internationally remarkable service center for food, pharma and chemical industry.

“By investing in food safety and clinical studies of healthy food, we are reinforcing our position in Europe. We will be able to even better respond to increasing interest of international companies toward our services”, says Managing Director Anu Harkki.

Life-science-man is a company offering expertise in areas of strategic business analysis, international marketing and regulatory affairs for food and chemicals. FoodFiles is a contract research organization in the area of nutrition offering services in clinical studies, regulatory affairs and consultation in nutrition and health for food and pharma customers.

News Source: Life-Science-Man

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