FP6 funding for upgrading young researchers in the Baltic Sea Region – TRAYSS PRIME

FP6 funding for upgrading young researchers in the Baltic Sea Region – TRAYSS PRIME

FP6 funding for upgrading young researchers in the Baltic Sea Region – TRAYSS PRIME.

Management training for researchers – TRAYSS PRIME gives life science researchers a deeper understanding of management know-how.

Steinbeis Team Northeast , Prosciencia and ScanBalt

(Rostock) One of the latest within the 6th EU Research Framework Program funded projects is the training program “TRAYSS PRIME”, developed by Steinbeis Team Northeast in Rostock, Prosciencia in Lübeck and ScanBalt. The project starts on 1st January 2007 and is scheduled for a runtime of 18 months. The main idea is to sensibilize and to upgrade young European researchers in the field of life sciences and health in the Baltic Sea Region for concepts of research management. The program’s core topics are innovation management, intellectual property, EU project preparation issues and bioethics.

New approach

The seminars will coincide with important and widely recognised international biotech conferences, mainly in the Baltic Sea Region. “These ‘satellites’ present prime young researchers of the traces to the management of the knowledge-based future. Furthermore we create synergies with the local conference organizers. Therefore the young researchers don’t need to invest additional time for an additional offer. This new approach has convinced the European Commission, it surely will convince the young researchers as well”, states Henner Willnow, Project Manager at Steinbeis Team Northeast in Rostock.

Rare quality

The European Commission points out: “TRAYSS PRIME constitutes a Specific Support Action of rare quality and fully deserves public support. The promised action is likely to bring about very useful results, making scientists in the region around the Baltic Sea more capable, not only at generating the necessary resources to do science, but to do so in a fashion that may fully benefit society.”

It is intended to reach approximately 200 researchers in the Baltic Sea Region during the seminars and workshops as well as with a summer school by the end of the project in 2008 and to have raised awareness to the needs of future research management.

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