Functional Food – Nordic Innovation Centre Call for Proposals

Functional Food – Nordic Innovation Centre Call for Proposals

Nordic Innovation Centre is investing in the future of the Nordic food industry by establishing functional food as a focus area. The functional food market is considered as the fastest growing branch of food industry with a growth rate of 15-20 percent. The overall goal is to support the Nordic food industry in having its share of the functional food market.

The Nordic countries have a good change to be in the forefront of the global wave of functional food.  R&D activities and well organised industry and infrastructure are a good foundation. Still the competition is severe, and the average Nordic company is small and with limited capacity.

Enormous market
The global market for functional food is today estimated to be around 70 billion Euros (2003) and expected to rise to 130 billion Euros in year 2010. Functional food together with motion will play a major role in preventive actions related to health problems due to life style.

Nordic opportunities
Nordic co-operation, including harmonization, sharing of know-how and competence gives the Nordic food industry a greater chance to exploit the potential of functional food.
Nordic Innovation Centre encourages Nordic players to participate in this effort to raise competitiveness of the Nordic food industry.

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