Funding Basic Research meeting in Brussels

Funding Basic Research meeting in Brussels

Yesterday, in Brussels, a unique meeting took place to discuss the issues of funding life sciences and creating more synergies in European research policies. The meeting was organised by the Directorate-General and, for the first time, involved policy makers, research council directors, leading scientists, and EU parliament, industry and enterprise organisations.

The meeting was an attempt to address the situation that, even though some 30 billion euros are invested annually in Europe, there is little coordination of research activities at a European level. This therefore hinders the development of the European Research Area for life sciences and impedes the general competiveness of Europe.

Concurrent with the forum the EU announced the formation of an annual funders forum, to join European forces in the funding of life sciences. The meeting also resulted in the preparation of a discussion paper which will outline strategies for the creation of greater synergy.

More information about the meeting can be found here.

More news about the funders forum can be found here.

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